Improving Movement, Strength and Self-Esteem


Will is 12 years old. He joined the CrossFit Teens program at CrossFit Central Burnet Road in March of 2018. He loves metal and rock n’roll music, riding his bike, and working hard. Since joining the program he has seen some dramatic changes in his strength, confidence and self esteem. We wanted to know more about Will and his experience in the CrossFit Teens class! Check out the interview below with Will and his coach, Nick Hanley.

What do you love about the CrossFit Teens class?
Nick: It’s taught me discipline, and to keep going. It’s also given me a way to get back in shape.

What have you learned and what skills have you gained from the class?
Nick: I’ve learned good technique in many things, specifically snatches(we just finished a snatch focused cycle)

How do you use these skills and your fitness in your life (sports, mindset, nutrition, etc)?
Nick: It’s motivated me to watch what I eat, do fitness at home, and honestly has lifted my self-esteem!


What changes have you seen in Will since he started CrossFit Teens?
Coach Nick: “Since Will has joined I’ve watched his confidence, strength, movement, and teamwork grow dramatically. This kid takes on every challenge I give him head on and with his best efforts.

One of my favorite examples of this is when Will first started he could not jump more then 3 single unders in a row. He asked me how to get better. I encouraged him to show up 10 minutes early to every class and practice. I told him to spend more time with the skill and you will get better. It is now October and he has showed up 10 minutes early to every class and worked on his jump rope skills. Will and I are now talking about Double Unders and getting multiple reps in a row! As a coach that is all you can ask for — an athlete willing to listen and willing to put in the work to achieve his goals. I couldn’t be more proud!

Why do you think it’s important for kids to experience a program like this?
Coach Nick: Confidence is the biggest thing I want to kids to learn in this program. Confidence in their body. Confidence in their mind. Confidence in what relentless hard work can do for you!

What are the most important things that kids and teens can learn?
Coach Nick: There are many things he and my other athletes will get out of this program but my top 3 are confidence, health & fitness knowledge, and learning & growing is a fun process.