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Top Five Paleo Fall Soup and Chili Recommendations

When the temperature suddenly drops in Texas, there is a direct correlation to the immediate lack of coveted chili and tortilla soup ingredients at the grocery store. Households across the state simultaneously share the same comforting dinner thoughts “how about a nice warm bowl of chili?” or a “hot bowl of soup?” If you are looking up to serve up some delicious bowls of goodness this fall, check out our top five recommendations for homemade soup and chili.

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Five Delicious Lunch Ideas

You like the idea of saving money and packing your lunch for your busy day ahead, but when push comes to shove, brown bags are sooooo boring. You can’t stomach the idea of another dry salad with leftover chicken or turkey sandwich. Apparently you haven’t tried one of these 5 Delicious Lunch Ideas in your brown bag (no boring salads included):

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