Spring Gear Selects


article by Dr. Lauryn Lax | photos by Taylor Prinsen Photography

Since Spring is in the air, we can’t help but think about Spring cleaning (out our closets), so we can make room for some extra cool CrossFit must haves, like the faves of these coaches below.

We asked 3 CrossFit Central coaches to share their top “Gear Selects” on their body or in their bag—at all times.

Coach Carey Kepler:
1) Knee Sleeves for anytime I am doing squats
2) Lifting Belt. I LIKE TO GO HEAVY!
3) Reebok Nano’s. They are versatile.
4) Wrist Wraps, Tape or Natural Grips
5) Oly Lifting Shoes…for lifting of course!
6) My own jump rope – duh


Coach Richie Griffin: 
1) 110 % Knee Sleeves! They give me just the right amount of support without cutting my range of motion.

2) Cloth Wrist Wraps. Everyone should also own wrist wraps. I prefer the cloth style because they can be easily adjusted.”


Coach Melissa Gatto:
1) Lacrosse (LAX) Ball
Everyone should own one. I usually roll out anything that is tight (lats/glutes/pecs etc.) for about 5-10 minutes before each workout.

2) “Strength Wraps” wrist wraps
Anytime I do anything overhead, they help keep my wrists stable and supported!

3) Weight Belt
When lifting heavy, I use my weight belt as an extra reminder to keep my core tight and braced!

4) Notebook
I started doing CrossFit in June 2013, and I can tell you honestly that 95% of my workouts since then are written down in either a notebook or in the MyWOD app. It’s so important to keep track of your workouts: Over the past 5 years, it’s amazing to look back and know that I put on over 100 lbs. on my max clean.

5) Reebok Nanos
I just got my hands on a pair of Nano 8s and I LOVE them. They have a sturdy heel to keep you balanced for weightlifting, lightweight and flexible so your box jumps and double (or single) unders aren’t weighed down, and they are comfortable.

Stocking YOUR Gear Bag

So what’s in your bag? Head to the JackRabbit @ Rogue Running shop at 410 Pressler (same building as CrossFit Central Downtown!) for all of your gear needs! Their team has built out a training section that includes everything from wrist wraps, speed ropes and recovery tools to Compete Every Day gear, Stance SocksQalo Rings and tons of training shoe options!

We’ve got you covered!

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