CrossFit Central Athlete Feature: Rob Koenig


For four years Rob was a supporter of Dam That Cancer. In the spring of 2014 when CrossFit Central, a sponsor of Dam That Cancer, donated training classes for the 2014 paddle, Rob decided to give it a try. He had always been an active person, but often found himself feeling bored with typical gym workouts. But there was something different about this training, he had a blast, and was inspired to take on additional CrossFit classes.

Just a few weeks into his fitness journey at CrossFit Central, Rob was faced with life-altering moments. “The last week of May 2014, I had a pretty heavy week, my Mom passed away, I turned 50, I did the 21 mile Dam That Cancer paddle in memory of my dad who was taken by cancer, and my daughter graduated from High School. Something about all that happening in that week or so period and the community of CrossFit Central…just clicked with me. I felt an amazing positive energy from the community and I started hitting it hard over the following months, which lead to joining, and trying to make it at least 3 days a week at CrossFit Central Burnet. I travel a ton for my job, so keeping up is hard, but it is well worth the effort.”

In the last thirteen months Rob has seen great success. He has lost 25 lbs., 13 inches, and his body fat went from 23% to 12.2%! The physical results are incredible, but beginning CrossFit has helped Rob in several areas. “Literally, CrossFit has changed my life.”


CrossFit Success Story

“CrossFit Central has helped me in knowing that I can accomplish much more physically and mentally. It has also pushed me to work on my mobility & flexibility. The increased energy, confidence, and attitude has also helped me in my daily life. My kids (ages 19, 17, and 11) are trying to figure out how the ‘old dad’ is out pacing them. I hope they see this as an inspiration on how to live their life.

I think the best part about my CrossFit journey is the people. I have meet so many great characters who all seem to have a positive zest for life. The instructors are amazing. My coaches have really worked with me to help my learn so much. I still have so far to go, but I thank all of them at the gym, such a great crew of people. I guess what they say is true, it comes from the top. Jeremy and Lisa are such solid people and I am happy to be a part of this community.”

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