Central Athlete Feature: Luis Duron


Luis Duron has been a CrossFit Central Athlete for quite sometime and as a result it has changed his routine and life.

“My wife, Elizabeth, has been a CrossFit participant since 2009 and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The many positives that she has derived from the organization were a real motivator for me to join.  Also, I was a point in my life where I had to make a major change toward getting back to a healthy lifestyle.”

“Prior to CrossFit Central, physically, mentally and emotionally, I was just above a major low point in my life.  As of December 2014, I am now in my third year of remission.  Beginning in December of 2011, I began radiation & chemotherapy through mid-February 2012.  During that time and a few months beyond, I dropped 45 lbs. and virtually lost any type of muscle mass.  Plus, the mental & emotional toll from the treatments drained just about all the energy that I could muster.”

These past few years have been tough on Luis and his family but eventually he has been able to get back the weight he lost and his strength.

“Keeping on any type of weight was a real struggle so much so that any type of exercise was very negative.  The calories burned were beyond the calories earned.  Eventually, after the second year and a half of remission, my weight was stable enough where getting into an exercise program was not going to have any negative effects on my weight.”

Since joining CrossFit Central in 2009 Luis has experienced a plethora of positive results!

“First, on the mental & emotional side of things, the Little Stacy group has been a godsend to be a part of.  Lucy is a great motivator and instructor, and as a trainer, she cannot be beat.  As for my fellow participants, they have been very encouraging and are very entertaining to say the least.”

“Their approach to the WODs and the intermingling of stories during the activities are things that I look forward to every Monday and Wednesday.  In terms of the physical, the results have been amazing –my weight is stable, I can feel how trim and toned I have become and my posture is at an all-time high.  The WODs are doing so much for me in terms of results – lifting, running, pressing and stretching are becoming so second-nature.”

Luis evens admits that through his daily Relentless Bootcamp workouts it has translated positive effects into his career and family life.

:Getting pushed, challenged and motivated from the workouts has easily translated to family life, my relationships and my career.  As far as the career front, work is easily digested and most approachable.  The stresses that may have affected me before at work are nowhere to be found today and I believe it is essentially from the positive effects of CFC.”

“With family life and the relationships, that is an easy answer because not only do I workout, but I also get to work out with Elizabeth.  During the WODs, we push & motivate each other and I can easily see how it continues following the CFC activity.  The home life has become an extended platform for encouragement and a pleasing atmosphere for our relationship.  Without the impact of CFC, previously, this would not have been possible.”

Nicole Hughes