Athlete Feature: Doug Cooper


CrossFit Central Athlete, Doug Cooper, found his interest in CrossFit by taking a simple walk in the neighborhood.

“I was intrigued by the Crossfit workouts I watched through the garage doors as I passed by on my morning runs. I wanted to broaden the type of exercise I was getting. Running was incomplete and I knew I needed to add weights. I also knew I could not maintain intensity in the weight room.  Left to myself, I would not have the discipline needed for an intense workout. With CrossFit all I have to do is show up the intensity is provided by my lovely coaches.”

“I  also looked like it would be fun to work out with a group rather than always working out alone. I look forward to seeing those I suffer with on Crossfit mornings.”

Before joining CrossFit, Doug, was doing quite well. We’d like to note that after joining CrossFit he’s still doing GREAT!

“Before CrossFit my life was wonderful. After CrossFit life is still wonderful.”

Since becoming a bad A CrossFit athlete, Doug has experienced great success.

“I have no doubt that I’m in much better shape now than I would have been had I never joined CrossFit. It provides a framework for my week. Even outside of the gym CrossFit has influenced my life. Earlier bedtimes and better eating habits come to mind right away. It’s a good thing to fill yourself growing stronger even as you grow older. CrossFit is made that happen.”

photography by: Joshua David Photography

Nicole Hughes