Central Athlete Feature: Belinda Gallagher


CrossFit Central Athlete, Belinda Gallagher is a diamond in the rough. She is a dynamite in the women’s only class at Burnet Rd and has made a strong impact in the Central community!

“I joined CrossFit Central to better my physical ability by giving myself a whole new challenge. I have done all sorts of things to stay fit but I had never stuck to one. I knew I had hit my all-time low when nothing excited me about working out. I needed something to change how I felt about exercising and to be excited.”

Prior to joining CrossFit Central Belinda found herself in a rut, unable to stick to a routine until she found her fit with CrossFit Central.

“My life prior to CrossFit Central was boring same old runs at home by myself and I would never stick to any regimen.  I was not feeling my best with lower back pain that would come and go.  I always made excuses why I could not stick to any type of fitness regimen.  I would always put my family first and put myself in there somewhere or no where for “me time”. I truly was not happy!  I would have wine every night and felt like shit in the morning and had no tolerance or energy in the later hours of the day.”

Belinda’s attitude and confidence have been the aftermath of her hard work, which has contributed to her pushing more and more each day towards her goals.

“My results I have experienced since joining Crossfit Central have been outstanding! I am in a much better place in my life now. I no longer have low back pain!!!  I have become stronger, healthier, and  happier both mentally and physically. Crossfit is a “have to” and “want to”. I have made friends and I love my Crossfit Central family! CrossFit has helped me keep focused and set goals. I find there is balance in my life.  I am happy to say that I am 44 and crushing it!”

“Pushing myself and challenging myself in my daily workouts has help me as a mother of a six-year-old and 12-year-old who do CrossFit as well. They see mom staying positive and setting goals and reaching them which helps them realize what hard work and dedication can bring.  This also has helped my husband become invested in being healthy too. Our whole family has made great changes for the better.”

Nicole Hughes