Athlete Feature: Suzy Rowley


Central Athlete, Suzy Rowley, found CrossFit Central after realizing the need for something new after becoming an “empty nester”. 

“I had just gotten back from dropping my youngest son at College, empty nest after 20 years.  I knew I needed to find something to use up all the time and energy I used being a full time mom and I wanted that something to be for me.  I was in good shape but not great.  A friend of mine was working out at CC and enjoying it so I thought I’d stop by.  The day I dropped by Carey was there with Stone who was about 3 months old at the time.  I really liked what Carey had to say.  I’m a mountain biker, hiker, camper, all around outdoors person and I could see improving my strength could make all those things better. “

Suzy knew she needed an outlet to pursue her goals and help manager her stress. 

“My youngest son had just left for college.  I was 2 years into a new marriage that was quite stressful.  I just needed to jump start a better me and relieve myself of some of the stress and yes unhappiness that I was feeling.  Physically I was pretty strong, mentally I was pretty confused.”

Since joining the CrossFit Central community Suzy has racked up quite an impressive list of accomplishments. 


“I finished a 100 mile bike ride for Livestrong , 4 day backpacking trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, as well as numerous 1-3 day backpacking trips (I had never back packed before).  Started water skiing again.  100’s of miles of hiking and kayaking, 1000’s of miles mountain biking.  Many snow skiing days, just got back from 5 straight days of snow skiing 4+ hours a day.  A 4 and 6 week camping trip the last 2 summers which included seeing Yellowstone, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Great Basin, hiking in Ouray, South Lake Tahoe, Garden of the Gods, Dead Horse Point, Utah Canyonlands, Moab, Park City Utah, Aspen Colorado…… I volunteer at Candlelight Ranch running the zip lines.  I go rock climbing several times a year.  I’m in the process of building my dream garden.  I also feel a lot more mentally strong.  At my age I’m not slowing down, I’m moving forward. Working out at CC has allowed me to jump into any activity I want without worrying about whether I’m fit enough.  At 55 years old I’m fit enough to do anything.”

“I never saw myself as an athlete or a physically strong person.  rossFit Central has transformed me into both of those.  I love how strong I feel and how much it betters my life all the way around.”

Suzy’s determination and confidence is inspiring.

“Confidence has never been something I lacked.  But the confidence I have now to live my life on my own terms is awesome.  My marriage is now 8 years old and is full of love and kindness.  My two sons are now graduated from College and doing well.  I volunteer with many different organizations.  I have a lot to give and I love sharing the mental and physical strength I have worked so hard for.”

Nicole Hughes