Investing in Your Health


“Adam met with me for a body comp back in May of 2016 after I took over coaching his class full time. At that time Adam was not paying too much attention to the food he was eating. Even though he was being consistent in his 2x/per week program he was not getting the results he knew he should be getting. We spoke about small changes he could make to his busy and travel and work schedule. With limited resources to cook during the week, Adam was able to make some changes that impacted his latest body comp results! In 3 months he lost 21 lbs., 5% body fat, and over 15 inches – he is feeling great and looking great!!” Coach Carey Kepler

Why do you CrossFit? What drives you?
I’d say my motivation for CrossFit is simply that it works for me. It is the only fitness program I’ve been able to stick with, and integrate into my life with long term success. It is varied and so it never becomes a dull routine, it is structured which helps with self discipline, and has a group camaraderie dynamic that helps push me forward and motivates me to put in that extra effort when I am reaching my mental or physical limit. My brother talked me into starting a while back, and once I got going, and saw how it worked well for me, I was committed. At age 40, I look at it as a long term investment in my health and quality of life going forward.

Why did you choose CrossFit Central?
I actually moved to the Austin area for work, and took at look at a few places online, and liked what I read about Central. You go where the athletes are if you want to learn to be more fit. It helped that the Burnet Rd location was very conveniently located near where I work. Once I had showed up a couple of times to try it out, I was very pleased with the atmosphere and the instruction, and decided it was right for me.


What results have you seen since joining?
As far as results, I had been doing CrossFit for a little while, and had developed some improved strength and technique, considering I had spent the previous 15 years totally out of shape. What I seemed to lack was endurance and my overall fitness wasn’t progressing as I would like. I was carrying around a few extra pounds. Well, more like 25 or so extra pounds. At Central, they seem to work on general athletic fitness versus just strength, sort of the total package. I’d never had a full body comp done before, and an analysis of my diet. Once I had a gauge of where I was at, and where I could get with a few select dietary changes, losing the weight and building the endurance seemed a little more possible. Once I started seeing the results of a few changes and losing 1-2 lbs a week steadily, it was easy to keep going. The measurable results are a major motivation, but even better is you simply start to just feel better. Every day, pretty much all the time. People noticed that I was getting more fit and trim, too, which I’ll admit also helps.

I’ve been at Central since February 2016, and plan on sticking with it.