There will never be a day that we don’t learn something that we can bring home to our family and implement and make us all stronger, better physically or emotionally. Every year we get stronger, more focused, more involved. (Dusty)


Creeping closer and closer to age 40 and scared of being fat, Tony decided to leave his lackluster workout routine and take on CrossFit. After seeing an article in the Austin American Statesman, Tony joined CrossFit Central, ready for a new challenge. Shortly after joining, Tony took on Fight Gone Bad and brought his wife, Dusty, to watch. At eight months pregnant Dusty was itching to participate and completely in awe of the level of activity going on. As soon as possible, Dusty joined CrossFit Central along side Tony and together they worked to become a truly Diesel couple!

Before finding CrossFit Central, the Trungales ran a few half-marathons and the Austin Marathon together. They both were active in high school and college and were ready to test themselves again.

“I just turned 40 and I wish more than ever I would have found this when I was 30. I think I could have gone to the CrossFit Games then and been a competitor… looks like I’ll be using this time to train for the Masters until I turn 45.” (Dusty)

Over the past three and a half years Tony has fought through several injuries, old and new, but never gave up on CrossFit. Dusty fought her way back into shape after having her second child and continued to strive to be better. Together they have tackled several of our challenges including the I Am CrossFit eight week challenge and the Lean Turkey Challenge. This year, in honor of Dusty’s 40th birthday, they took on coach Randal Setzler’s 30 Days To Shredded. Both saw huge physical results! Tony dropped to 12.5% body fat and now needs a belt for his 34 inch waist pants. Dusty dropped from 150 pounds and 20% body fat to 145 pounds and 18% body fat. This was a true turning point for their fitness as a couple and for their family. Their new dedication to eating clean changed their moods, improved their sleep, their interaction with their two kids and with each other.

Age: 40
Body Fat: 18%
Desired Super Power: Wonder Woman’s Badassery
Box:  CrossFit Central

Dusty and I just returned from a multi-day rafting trip that we never would have taken prior to joining CrossFit Central and we weren’t even sore from all the rowing! Other people on the trip were complaining about blisters and soreness, but we both felt great and we look forward to doing a lot more active and adventure based vacations in the future.” (Tony)

Age: 41
Body Fat: 12.5%
Desired Super Power: Flight
Box:  CrossFit Central


“Since joining CrossFit Central, I have noticed that I have very little patience for people who try to take shortcuts or fail to put in their best efforts in their daily life. I think more than anything it’s been really cool to watch my friends and family see great results from joining CrossFit Central. In our circle of friends, I was the first to join but I’ve since watched as my wife, my brother, his two daughters, many of our friends, neighbors and coworkers have joined CrossFit Central and have seen tremendous results over the last three years.” (Tony)