Who needs a super power?  I’m busy trying to be the best at exercising.

Jeff found CrossFit Central in 2010 as a skinny and somewhat starving runner. An enthusiastic competitor, Jeff regularly trained for half marathons and marathons. Running 50 to 70 miles each week, counting calories and starving himself the night before a big race to be lighter on his feet. Inevitably, overuse injuries popped up and Jeff decided to take a break from running and take a shot at CrossFit.

Just a few short months after joining CrossFit Central, Jeff was conquering most WODs at the RX weight and setting the bar high for his classmates. He stopped eating cereal twice a day to be “healthy” and embraced a diet of lots of meat and vegetables. Less than two years later, he has advanced to the elite Garage Gym as RX class at RedBlack Gym.  At the age of 29 and 40 pounds of muscle heavier, the only recognizable thing about Jeff is his continued desire to compete and dedication to becoming the best at everything he takes on.

Body Fat: 8%
Desired Super Power: Batman–he doesn’t need super powers
Box: RedBlack Gym

“My results have been huge since starting at CrossFit Central.  Overall I am much more comfortable with my physical appearance and my eating habits. I feel I am much more capable of doing anything, compared to my running days. Mentally and emotionally working out has always been huge for me.
I’m not much of a talker as most of the time it’s a challenge for me to verbalize my emotions if I’m going through something challenging. CrossFit gives me an outlet for some of those emotions and to do something positive with that energy.

In February of 2012, Jeff took on his first true CrossFit competition at The Fittest Games.  His continued dedication to CrossFit led him to qualifying and competing on the RedBlack Team at the Reebok CrossFit Games South Central Regionals.  Jeff is dedicated to continuing to advance as an athlete and is definitely enjoying the process of becoming better everyday.

Jeff gained 40 pounds of muscle.