Lucky 13

This month CrossFit Central turns thirteen. In 2005 CrossFit Central began as a boot camp in a park in Austin, Texas. Though it was a humble beginning Carey Kepler and Jeremy Thiel’s mission was to make a positive impact in the Austin fitness community and to help people lead healthy lives.

Over the last thirteen years the CrossFit Central Cofounders along with their incredible staff of coaches have reached thousands of people in Austin, and across the world. They have helped people lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy, increase mobility, get off prescription medication and reduce stress. They have educated people on how to eat, encouraged them to take on new challenges and ultimately they have shown them that they are capable of more.

Not only has their work touched the lives of those that come across the CrossFit Central team, but they have changed the wellness of generations of families. The changes that are made inside the CrossFit Central community directly impact the lifestyles of spouses, children, friends and extended family for the better. We are proud to serve and we are excited for the future. Here’s to the next 13.

“Thirteen years of business with the Double C's! So many amazing things have happened, so many people we have helped, so much fitness at every level. It has been an amazing ride. The one thing that stands out the most is the community. The community of CrossFit Central is what makes this fitness organization different than any other workout program in Austin, Texas or in the world. Our community is a body of individuals that have a common goal of wanting to be a better, healthier, version of themselves. We are grateful for each person that has committed to our fitness lifestyle, but most importantly to your discipline and determination to be healthy, strong, and fit — to live the life you want to live! Cheers to many more years of fitness and blessings to you and yours.” CrossFit Central Cofounder, Carey Kepler

Lucky 13 Approach to Fitness
Jeremy Thiel, CrossFit Central Cofounder, was inspired to join the health and wellness movement at the age of 11 when he was picked on and bullied. He made a commitment to never be overweight and wanted to prove that he had what it took to work hard. Jeremy has committed his life to helping others find their path to health and wellness.

In “Lucky 13” Jeremy reflects on what he has learned during the last thirteen years in the health and wellness industry and shares what he has found to be the thirteen key components to creating and leading a healthy and abundant life.

1. Mindset is the beginning and end to all upgrades in health and wellness. Typically something happens, a decision is made, and we take action in pursuing a health goal.

2. First defense of lifestyle design: Nutrition
Each and every person is different. Modifying your diet, quality, and quantity that best fits your needs and daily life is key.

3. First defense lifestyle design: Fitness
Fitness frequency will begin your journey from sick - to well - to fit. Begin with two days a week then increase it to three, four, so on and so forth. Add in proper rest days and manage intensity day by day. Hiring a quality coach that understands energy systems and strength needs is important to increasing success and timelines.

4. Maintain a lifestyle design program for 90 days with proper modifications before deciding to change dramatically what you’re doing. Experiment and learn what works best for you.

5. Set targeted health and wellness goals in 30, 60 and 90 day cycles. Work with a professional to hold you accountable.

6. Learn to take care of your soft tissue, aka your muscles, to keep mobility and healthy range of motion. Mobility tools like bands, lacrosse balls, and foam rollers are crucial for longevity and long term health.

7. Lifestyle Design Phase Two Hormonal Response: Mindfulness
Implement box breathing, 4 inhale 4 exhale, on a 1 min clock to increase physical and mental awareness.

8. Lifestyle Design Phase Two Hormonal Response: Exposure
Exposure via breath holds and Wim Hof style inhale and exhale, nostril breathing for the purist or any way in for the beginner.

9. Lifestyle Design Phase Two Hormonal Response: Exposure
Exposure via hot and cold water is important. Begin with hot/cold showers. One minute of hot, one minute of cold for 2 rounds.

10. Lifestyle Design Phase Three: Emotional and Mental Development
Create an environment for success. Surround yourself with individuals you would like to be like that hold lifestyle habits that you desire and are working toward.

11. Create a long term vision for your lifestyle. What do you want to look and feel like in your 70’s 80’s and beyond? I like to envision 120 years for my physical body with all major organs, joints and muscles functioning well. Ask yourself how long you plan to live.

12. Emotional health and well-being are critical for wellness. Find what you love and create your life in a way that gives you time to focus on your passion.

13. In the last thirteen years I have determined that there are five critical areas for success in health and wellness.

1. Fitness
2. Nutrition
3. Recovery
4. Resilience
5. Supplements

All five areas help with cellular health and give a foundation for a long healthy life.

Nicole Hughes