Setting Intention Through the Bookends of Your Day


“Our intention creates our reality.”

A solid morning or evening routine can help you organize your day, settle your mind, bring peace to your thoughts and ultimately empower you. It can be as simple as making your bed each morning, writing a gratitude list in the evening, or visualizing your day and setting intention.

We asked the CrossFit Central coaching staff to share their routines. Check them out below!

David Collins
I actually have a list of positive words that are on my fridge, and I’ll pick one and set my daily intention around it. Today’s was courage so I took that as having the courage to be honest with everyone I encounter today, even if it puts me in a place of vulnerability. See Davis’s photo of positive words below.

Jess Powers
At the moment, it is something I am actively trying to put in place. Having twin 10 month old boys has definitely changed my morning routine up. All mornings I am out the house before 6am so my focus in the mornings is trying to set my wife up for success with getting the boys ready. That means I make their bottles in the morning and making sure my sons feeding machine is all ready to go by the time they wake up.

Megan Miller
6:30am wake up
6:45 morning mile – no headphones just thoughts.
7am stretching/mobility – breath work and mindset for the day.

Before I turn the tv on…. I add up the amount of money I made that day. This is a great tool for saving money, but also motivates me to wake up with the intention of making good money at what I love doing and confirm all appointments for the next day.

Melissa Gatto
Evening routine:
Then get ready for the next day: Lay out clothes, pack my lunch/snacks, prep my coffee maker (on a delayed timer), pack my bag
Meditate 5-10 min

Nick Hanley
Evening routines for me lately have been no TV or music at least 1 hour before bedtime. I usually do 10 minutes of meditation and 30 or so minutes of reading in bed. It has been gold for me.

Morning routine: 5 gratitudes and make my own breakfast.

Richie Griffin
I wake up and make sure I have 30 minutes of silence in the morning. During this time I go through my schedule and play out my day and my mind. I find it helps me to be mentally prepared for the day and eases any kind of anxiety that I might have.

Teo Ledesma
My morning one is get up at 5am and out of the door by 5:10am.

My evening routine is get home 7:30pm, we dim our lights or light candles, and sit at the table with my wife and Lion. We say gratitude and we eat together. Then I take a cold shower and am in bed by 9:30pm at the latest. 

Nicole Hughes