Top 25 New Year’s Resolutions for CrossFitters


January of course marks ‘resolution time’ for the majority of the country—particularly within the realm of health and fitness.

The CrossFit culture itself breeds a ton of motivated individuals—eager to change their lives and strive for greatness on a daily basis (inside and outside the gym).

Here’s our list of the TOP 25 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR CROSSFITTERS that we’ve seen over the past 10 years that we’ve been playing a part in building a fit community, both here in Austin and around the globe.

  1. Drop it like it’s hot under a new 1-rep-max backsquat (and stand it back up)

  2. Try that ‘caveman thing’ (ie. Paleo, ie. ‘eating real food’)

  3. Wake up earlier to hit a 5:30 or 6:30 a.m. class on a regular basis

  4. Shave 1-minute off your Fran time

  5. Stop cherry-picking workouts—show up on the days I don’t like the workout on the whiteboard

  6. ‘Get’ my pull-ups

  7. ‘Get’ a muscle-up or handstand pushup

  8. Handstand walk X-amount of feet

  9. Look good naked.

  10. ‘Go RX’ on a WOD

  11. Push X-amount of weight overhead

  12. Join the ‘200 club’ (for girls)- squats or deadlifts; Join the ‘300’ or ‘400’ club (for guys)

  13. Stop comparing myself—it’s me vs. me

  14. Cut out added sugar

  15. Gain some muscle

  16. Shed some body fat

  17. Participate in the Open

  18. Sign up for a local competition

  19. Take a podium spot in a competition

  20. Get a friend or family member to try CrossFit out

  21. Get my ‘Level I’ (or Level II, now) Certification

  22. Start a bootcamp or CrossFit-style workout for teachers, kids, inner-city neighborhoods, etc.

  23. PR an old Open workout, Benchmark or Hero WOD

  24. Increase my 400-meter run or 500-meter row split

  25. Learn to swim

What about you? Got one to add to the list? We’d love to hear! Please share in comments below, or reach out to your coach so we can help support you in your goals.

How do you ‘get there?’

Make them SPECIFIC, MEASUREABLE and lay out the ACTION STEPS (ie. Small baby steps) you need to take in order to get there.

You’ve got this.

Nicole Hughes