The Power to Believe: 2014 CrossFit Games

Lisa Thiel, CrossFit Central Team member reflects on what the road to the 2014 CrossFit Games means and what it looks like to believe in oneself, in your teammates and the power of community.

I am up at 4:50am because I BELIEVE.

I push through the pain because I BELIEVE.

I put more than I want on the bar – do one more rep – because I BELIEVE.

I sacrifice precious Saturday and Sunday family and church time because I BELIEVE.

It is not just picking up logs, running sprints, lifting heavy weight, pushing your body to the limits!

At this point it is about something bigger – it’s about a belief that our actions and accomplishments will create better human beings.  It’s a belief that this is an opportunity of a lifetime – a belief that I will be a better mother, wife, friend, leader .  It’s a belief that I will inspire someone else by seizing this opportunity and putting it all on the line.

My actions are fueled because I BELIEVE –   I believe it’s not just exercising for time!

The support and belief of just one person can be powerful.  The support and belief of a community means anything can happen!


Shielded by belief – that is the way I plan to march onto the battlefield of the Stub Hub Center.

I ask you to BELIEVE, to be a part of the armor that protects and fuels Team CrossFit Central as we represent all of you at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Believe we will give you our best

Believe we will podium

Believe that your support and energy fuels us on the field.

#BELIEVE #blacktide

Nicole Hughes