A Better Sweat On the Beach


By Lisa Thiel

It’s no secret that I LOVE working out! From an early age, exercise has been part of not just what I do but who I am. Yes, my fitness styles have changed over the years – from running laps around the house at age 5, hiking up NC mountains, weight training at a Globo gym, triathlons, to CrossFit – but my love for activity remains the same!

I even workout on vacation – GASP! In fact, for Jeremy and me, it’s one of our favorite things to do when we are away. Some of you may ask, “you’re on vacation – why would you workout?”

My answer…. more or less, for the same reasons I workout when I am not on vacation!

First things first – I want to look good in my bikini (who doesn’t?!)

Summer travel often includes sun, beaches, and swim gear AND chips, salsa, quac, tacos, treats, you get the point! A pre-beach workout helps me sweat it all out and set the mood for a great day in the sun.   AKA: I workout for results and my results don’t have to be thwarted by time away from my regular fitness routine!

It’s fun to SWEAT, especially in beautiful places.

Biking, walking, running is one my favorite ways to explore my new suroundings. Chances are if you choose this spot to vacation then the scenery is going to be awesome. Not to mention, many hotel and resort gyms are like luxury spas! Jeremy and I also love visiting local CrossFit boxes on vacation.

I want to feel great at home and away.

You can’t beat the endorphines from a good workout. Fitness keeps my mind straight as well as my body – I don’t want to derail this euphoric feeling just because I am on vacation. Odd as it may sound, I am better at relaxing if I get a workout in to start my day! The benefits of fitness don’t stop just because you aren’t in your regular routine and environment.

You already know why YOU workout – you know on vacation you will have the time (no school, no work, no schedule) and a workout will help you feel better about those vacation indulgences!


Here are a few tips to help you make fitness a part of your summer vacation!

  • Pack it Up

Be sure to include fitness gear in your suitcase. Keep it simple, include a couple workout outfits and a pair of shoes! You probably won’t be lugging your kettlebell on the plane but you can easily pack a resistance band and a jump rope. If we are traveling by car, most likely we will sneak in a kettlebell for an extra fitness tool.

  • Do your Homework

Investigate the workout facilities in and around your vacation spot. Whether it’s a google search for local boxes or simply a stroll around the property when you arrive – get a lay of the land so when your time to workout comes, you know where you’re going and have a plan to make it happen.

  • Reset your expectations

Most likely you will not be able to fullfill your typical workout regimen while on vacation. Be realistic and remember accomplishing 50% of what you normally do is better than nothing. PS: this was a hard lesson for me – 10-15 min is better than nothing (mentally and physically).   This is a great time to do something that you don’t normally do ie: sand volleyball or “old school” weight training! Plan to hike, bike, or kayak around your vacation destination – yep, that’s a workout.   Think outside the BOX – we all love CrossFit but that is just one way of staying fit, try something new and take advantage of your surroundings.

Ok, so you’re committed to vacation workouts! Now, try some of these quick and easy routines (no equipment necessary)


In place – 20 seconds high knees/fast feet/jumping jacks – rest 20 sec repeat

2 rounds: 10 squats/10 push ups/10 rotations

Workout 1: Body Weight TABATA

  • Push Ups

  • Squats

  • Sit Ups

  • Burpees

8 rounds of each exercise – performing 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest     (download app on your phone to help time) Complete 8 rounds of push ups before moving on to squats, etc

Workout 2: 7 UP

  • 7 Jumping Squats

  • 7 dips

  • 7 Mt Climbers

Bonus: 20 bicycles, 15 superman x 4 rounds

Workout 3: Sprints

10 Rounds: Sprint 100m (or 20 seconds) 1:1 Rest

*do this in sand or on a hill for “fun”

Bonus: 25 bicycles, 25 russian twists, 25 hollow rocks x 2

Workout 4: Interval Madness

5 Rounds: 30 Second Max Effort at each station

  • Jumping Lunges

  • Plank or Handstand Hold on wall

  • Dips *if you have access to pull up bar do pull ups

  • Spawls

  • Rest 1 min

Save these workouts for your next getaway or share them with someone you know who may enjoy them.

Questions? Email: lisathiel@crossfitcentral.com

Photos: Courtesy of Lisa Thiel

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