Overworked, tired, emotionally drained, never making time for my family, priorities were out of line. My job was consuming me and controlling my days. I was still carrying around baby weight after about 15 months postpartum. I only worked out when the stars were aligned and it was perfectly convenient. My kids were spending more time with babysitters because I was always at work.


I quit my teaching job in order to spend more time with my family- without a plan. Fate brought Jeremy Thiel back into our lives with a quick run-in at Whole Foods, and he asked if I wanted to stop by the gym and check it out. It was perfect timing for the changes I was making in my life.

Being an athlete all my life, I thought I had seen my peek body frame and that it was probably a thing of the past. Since beginning at CrossFit Central, I have a completely new body–stronger, leaner, healthier! My eyes have been opened to true nutritional values, ones that I can now feel confident in passing along to my children. I am a more attentive wife, a happier and more patient mother, and generally a different person. I take my health seriously, and have come to realize that the way I want to live is totally obtainable, and that I am fully capable of living the lifestyle I’ve dreamt of! Lizi lost 20 pounds, 6% body fat & 4 dress sizes 

After my ACL surgery, I never thought I’d be able to participate in the physical activity at a highly competitive level again. I am now stronger than I ever was in my college days.  Dealing with postpartum changes (dare I say depression) was very stressful and taxing. I was definitely in denial that I would be comfortable in my own skin again. I am still working on this comfort level, but the negative thoughts about my appearance have dwindled greatly.


Before CrossFit Central, I felt like I was always tired and always impatient with my kids.  Now, I have come to appreciate my time with my family, and am incredibly grateful for my kids. I don’t feel like I’m missing the little things because I’m wasting time on other distractions.  Lastly, I’ve finally figured out I have goals!  Setting real goals for myself other than money, house, etc, has put my life in a new direction. This has motivated me and driven me to make the most out of my days, and seize every opportunity. I have stopped making excuses as to why I’m not doing this or that, and started taking actions to doing it.