Wake up, go to work, nap at lunch…I was always tired… get off work and drink cocktails until 9pm and do the whole thing over the next day.  At any given time you could find fast food wrappers in my car.  I never went grocery shopping.  I was depressed.  I avoided my family because I hated the way I felt.  My workouts involved going outside to smoke a cigarette.  I was so unhappy.  This was my life before I joined CrossFit Central.

My mom convinced me to try a Relentless Athletic Training class with her.  I reluctantly agreed. I hated working out, I preferred going to the bar with my buddies everyday after work. In my first  55 minutes of CrossFit with Coach Zach Thiel, I threw up three times.  It was awful. I swore I would never be back.  I woke up the next morning after an amazing night sleep and walked taller that day. 

After a few months of outdoor classes,  I decided to join a morning indoor class with Coach Michael Gregory.  I was the only member of his 8 am class and I was terrified! I quickly discovered I was stronger than I thought and was encouraged by the way CrossFitting made me feel.