I feel like it makes me a better mom. I feel healthier than ever and I’m excited to wake up and get going everyday. 

Before joining CrossFit Central, I was a runner.  I used to drive by everyday and was really curious about what I saw through the garage doors.  I really wanted a change of pace from my regular running routine.  I began to really enjoy CrossFit and then got pregnant.

I took a hiatus during my pregnancy.  Being pregnant was no fun!  My diet was about 80% fast food, which was kind of awesome but also a bad decision!  I never felt good and had very little energy.  I gained 60 pounds and had never seen myself like that.

After my son was born, I was eager to get back to CrossFit Central.  I was extremely uncomfortable with the weight I had gained.  My husband and I consider leading a healthy and active lifestyle a core family value and I was ready to get back at it.

Coming back to class was really difficult!  I really struggled at first to even get to go to the class.  After about a month, I was finishing WODs and was often the first in my class on.  When the Advanced classes began at RedBlack Gym I was excited to move onto a new challenge.

Physically my body has never looked better and I’m in the best shape of my life!  I lost all of the baby weight and an additional 10 pounds, a total of 70 pounds! Mentally the boost in confidence has carried over into all areas of my life and has helped me be a better mother and wife.


I just began taking on CrossFit competitions.  Until now, the fear of competing in front of people was terrifying!  Thanks to CrossFit Central I have a lot less social anxiety, do not run from challenges, and am more open to trying new things. All of this, especially taking on the competitions has helped to build my confidence!


Age: 29
Body Fat: 11.5%
Desired Super Power: Flight
Box: CrossFit Central Downtown