The last team sport I participated in was Little League at 11 years old. I was no athlete by any stretch of the imagination. Quite frankly I was embarrassed to do anything, like a 33 year old man should know what to do, know what to eat, or know how to live.


Physically I was tired, rundown and generally irritable. Emotionally I was frustrated with myself, and my own self-limiting beliefs that it took away from my ability to enjoy anything positive in my life. Mentally I was defeated and I refused to take personal responsibility for myself. I had no confidence, like nothing I did counted; like nothing I did mattered.

Prior to joining CrossFit Central I was living in my comfort zone while my life was passing me by. I had a long list of things I was going to do “someday” but I was not willing to follow through because I was trying to make my life work from within the comfort zone.

Bobby lost 53 pounds, 21.5% body fat & 6 inches in his waist

I’ve lost a ton of weight, which is what most people take away from my story. They see my photos or see me after a long time and they notice the weight. My Mother was a yo-yo dieter her whole life until one fad diet eventually killed her at 53 years young. I saw her react to people noticing her weight loss as a kid and it made me think that weight loss or the transformation required to lose weight is a purely physical thing. What I’ve learned is that the answer my mom was searching for through all of those diets, the ups and the downs, was not found on the scale, or in a dress size. Sure trading up for smaller clothes is fun, and getting compliments is great but that’s not what I wanted, and its not what my Mom needed.

What I found at CrossFit Central was so much more, it was the ability to control my own future, the confidence to face difficult challenges and know I would still be ok, the ability to lack skill, and be relentless until I gained that skill. The real change has been the mental changes and they have made a tremendous impact on my relationships with my kids and reignited the fire in my marriage and that will never come through in a photo but has truly been life changing.


CrossFit Central has helped me better evaluate fear, or maybe a better way to say it is anxiety. When I am confronted with something new, something scary and different. I can easily evaluate what I need to do, and take action anyway. I can move forward with a new confidence I never had before. This confidence has helped me in business, my marriage and my personal relationships.