At 290 pounds I knew I was far from in the best shape of my life.  One day I saw a cute, really fit woman walking her dog in my friend’s neighborhood.  When I got a little closer, I realized it was my friend, Melissa Feliz.  She had lost over 50 pounds and looked amazing!  After hearing her story I went directly to CrossFit Central to sign up.


Prior to central I was pretty stagnant.  Honestly I was Grade A fatty!  I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted!  My eating habits were the only part of me that was carefree.

I felt depressed and just all around moody. It’s funny what cutting all the junk food outta your life will do for you. I was in bad shape all the way around. It’s the domino effect of fatness which leads to the mental “I can’t” or “What’s the point?” attitude.

About a week after I joined CrossFit Central, I signed up to participate in Project Mayhem.  I had no idea what it was but it sounded fun.  I was on a team with Jeremy Thiel and he was determined that we were going to take 1st Place.  When I heard we had to run three miles before we even got to the competition site, I thought I was doomed.  By the end of the night Project Mayhem had me even more determined to give CrossFit my best.

Tony lost 80 pounds, 4 pant sizes & 2 shirt sizes 

Since joining, I’ve lost 80 pounds!  I have changed the way I see food but still eat things that I find delicious.  I took on Fuel-21 and lost 17 pounds, 8 inches and 4% body fat in 21 Days.  That really helped me change my eating habits long-term.  Since joining CrossFit Central I have made leaps and bounds in my professional and personal life.  I no longer feel depressed and moody. Looking good leads to feeling good and that is contagious.  I was able to convince my brother to join and shortly after both of our girlfriends joined in too!  Along with pulling in my close family and friends I’ve made some good new friends as well, which is nice bonus.

CrossFitting has increased my sense of personal reassurance.  My job can be incredibly demanding.  When things get rough I remind myself that hard work really pays and that I will puke or pass out way before I will die from pushing myself!  I also know that after a long day of work I have a group of friends waiting to cheer me on and make sure I do my best.  I now know that I am working to improve myself daily…and it’s working I think