Prior to joining CrossFit Central my training consisted of self guided exercise, a mix of weights and HIIT training, but no classes or formal instruction. I was busy with life, only 1 child (who is now about to turn 6 and three kids total), was in and out of exercising and dieting, and felt burnt out with my job. I live in the neighborhood and it could not be more convenient. My wife joined the gym before me and had good experiences with the coaches and good results.


Since joining CrossFit Central five years ago I have seen increased strength and stamina with positive body changes. CrossFit classes are a great stress reliever because I can focus solely on the task at hand and leave it all there. The variety of exercises require focus and mean that I always have new skills to work on. The group setting helps me push to achieve consistently improving results and the coaches do a wonderful job of providing instruction when needed.

The kids are still young, but commitment to fitness is an example I want my children to grow up with. Improving on complex movements and setting new PRs gives me the confidence to work hard at difficult goals and push through barriers throughout my life.