My life prior to CrossFit always involved athletics and working out but never much weightlifting. I was looking for more intensity and I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be a stronger person and felt CrossFit would be a great outlet to grow in that area. The sport always intrigued me. I was drawn to the intensity it requires, coupled with the opportunity to better yourself on a daily basis.

The results I have seen since starting my journey with CrossFit Central have been incomparable to anything else I have done. I have developed more as a person as a result of the sport and don’t think I would be were I am today in my life without it.

CrossFit has helped me through so many mental barriers. It has molded me into a much more resilient person and created a strong foundation for me mentally that has truly revolutionized my life. I am forever grateful for that.

Pushing and challenging myself through daily CrossFit workouts has translated into my career because now, not only am I coaching CrossFit Central, but I respect other people’s fitness journey more and as a result can be a better coach for them.

I have always wanted to make my family proud, through my challenges with CrossFit workouts I have become more driven to exceed their expectations and push myself to be the best version of myself…and still make them proud. In the realm of life, pushing myself in workouts has given me the ability to manifest the same tenacity I have in my workouts and translate that to anything else I put my mind too.

The challenges that come with pushing myself in my workouts have developed my confidence immensely, and as a result my relationships with others have greatly improved.