After living abroad, Meghan and Alex returned to the US looking to join a CrossFit gym. After meeting Coach Jess Powers and the CrossFit Central team they knew they had found their CrossFit home! Since that time they have seen awesome results, taken on challenges together, push each other and celebrate their accomplishments as a team. Check out their CrossFit Central success story!

Why did you join CrossFit Central?

Meghan: We were living in South America for a year and had missed the community and environment that a great CrossFit gym could provide so as soon as we got back I started dropping in to various Austin CrossFit gyms in our area. As soon as we met Jess, we knew we were joining CrossFit Central. We felt like the coaches here had created a welcoming environment for ALL types of people and we could tell that they knew what they were doing and would motivate us, while keeping us safe. It also didn’t hurt that we had a wedding to get ready for!

Alex: I had always been a bit hesitant about CrossFit, but gave it a shot initially to appease my better half (Meghan). When I met the team at CrossFit Central Burnet, I realized that I would have a team that truly cares about their athlete’s success. To me, that success was about making sure that I’m kept safe and having nutritional support and accountability which I found at CC.


What was your life like prior to CrossFit Central? How did you feel emotionally, physically, and mentally?

Meghan: Because we were abroad previously, I was craving consistency and needed a big push after gaining weight after graduating college. I was really disappointed with myself on where I was physically, which led to some unhealthy mindsets. I really didn’t want to walk down our wedding aisle feeling like that.


Alex: Prior to CrossFit Central I was not balancing life and work as well as I could. Joining was part of an initiative to reset my focus on a healthy lifestyle, and it really helped put me in the mindset.

What results have you seen since joining the CrossFit Central community?

Meghan: I lost a total of 25 pounds in the last two years! I’ve PR’d every lift multiple times and have gone from a green band to kipping pull-ups, which was HUGE for me as I had always considered myself weak in my upper body.

Alex: I dropped over 5% body fat and got below 10% prior to our wedding which was great. I have also greatly improved my leg, core, and shoulder strength. I have also surpassed my coach, Jess Powers, in mid-workout dance-off

Has CrossFit Central helped you break through any mental barriers?

Meghan: At one point after being at CC a few short months, Jess literally yanked a green band out of my hands as I was starting to set up for the WOD. She knew that she was ripping away my comfort blanket, but that in order for me to improve, I needed to start pushing myself and get out of my comfort zone. This is just one of many times that the coaches here have helped motivate me and because they get to know their athletes well, they understand how to push, without putting you at risk for injury.

In terms of nutrition, Jess’s nutrition feedback, Carey’s nutrition classes, and “I Am CrossFit” were HUGE in terms of developing positive (& sustainable) nutrition habits, which was a huge mental battle for me.

Alex: I tore a ligament in my shoulder my freshman year of college, had surgery, and then tore the same ligament again. Coming to CC I had a lot of nerves and apprehension regarding my mobility and safety in shoulder movements. With the structured support of my coaches I’ve learned that I can challenge myself & my shoulder strength while still being safe. Pushing myself to do this has helped my mobility and well-roundedness myself as an athlete.

How has pushing yourself and challenging yourself in your daily workouts translated to your career, your family, life, and relationships?

Meghan: I think CrossFit can be especially empowering to women, giving them a space to focus on themselves and their health, while also teaching them that they are STRONG, physically and mentally. That feeling of empowerment follows me when I walk out of the gym!

Alex: The consistency and regimen of CrossFit has translated into other goals of mine and has helped further a growth mindset for me.

How has training together impacted your relationship?
Going to a CrossFit together is a positive, healthy outlet and hobby for us to enjoy together. It feels very much like we’re a team, with similar goals, supporting each other. It also makes it a LOT easier to accomplish your goals when your partner is on the same page. I think our wedding officiant even mentioned CrossFit in our ceremony haha.

What do you like most about CrossFitting together?
We have fun doing CrossFit together – it’s hard not to laugh when you see Alex dancing in the middle of a WOD. It’s also fun to be competitive with each other. We love pushing each other, making fun of each other, and having similar goals together, as a team.