CrossFit Central was the starting point of me turning my life around through physical fitness and overall happiness. I originally joined to get into shape, be more athletic, and to try a workout I have never tried.

When I first started CrossFit I was about 225 lbs., and couldn’t do pull ups or anything overhead from recovering from a shoulder surgery and broken ribs, now I am able to do most movements including a bar muscle up.

Now a year later, my average weight is 181 lbs. at 10% body fat. Since joining CrossFit Central I have been a part of some of the team competitions, and took on I Am CrossFit. Being on a team with other guys from your gym, or with your family in a competitive competition is one of the best things I’ve been apart of.


By a long shot, I Am CrossFit is one of the most important challenges I have ever gone through in my life. It changed my life forever. I have changed everything about my eating, working out and overall health! When I started I Am CrossFit I weighed around 220 lbs. with over 21% body fat, when I finished I weighed 190 lbs. at 11% body fat which is a huge achievement for me! I Am CrossFit put me on a concrete solid path to fitness and wellness, I still eat pretty healthy and work out about 4-5 a week, and now sometimes I try to put on weight which is a first for me. The I Am CrossFit challenge taught me to break through every barrier I had left through physical fitness and my diet. Which I found out was all mental, go figure.

A Few PRs
Lost 30 lbs.
Lost 10% body fat (went from 21% body fat to 11% body fat)

CrossFit Central has given me so much more confidence, which we all know helps in every part of life. I am very dedicated to my gym and the coaches. I love being part of the community. I also get to workout with my amazing wife who pushes me everyday to be better, and I have an awesome son who now has a stronger role model to look up to – “me.”