I was looking for a workout routine that would challenge and also hold me accountable. I’ve never been good at going to a gym and doing my own workouts. I need coaching and someone to push me. CrossFit seemed like a great fit!

I’ve always been athletic, I played sports all my life but there was a time when I was not working out consistently and I found myself in a lull. I was definitely not happy with my weight but I wasn’t doing anything to change it. CrossFit Central helped me get out of that lull. Consistently challenging me during workouts and some direction with diet and nutrition really helped me get out of that rut.


I cannot believe how strong I’ve gotten since I first started! I surprise myself all the time with the amount of weight I can handle while still keeping good form. CrossFit really keeps me in good shape and I couldn’t ask for a better community to workout with.

Health and fitness are important to me and I would like to represent that in all walks of my life. CrossFit helps me achieve that goal. I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself, I thrive on the motivation from my coaches and peers.