Before joining CrossFit Central, I never considered myself an athlete. I didn’t really play sports growing up, and when I would go to the gym to work out, it was always the same movements. I felt decent about my workout routine, but I knew I wasn’t really challenging myself and holding back to an extent because I didn’t want to do something wrong or really didn’t know how to do it.

I had attended a handful of the free community workouts after my boyfriend (Brandon Rodriguez, also a CrossFit Central athlete) convinced me to try it out. I had taken some group exercise classes at other gyms before, but those never really felt challenging and they were always the same movements every time.

From the beginning CrossFit Central challenged me, and they are always switching it up to challenge me in new ways, in every class. Since joining CrossFit Central I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my overall strength. When I first started out, I couldn’t even imagine doing the WODs as prescribed, but now I usually push myself to go RX when I can.  I’m motivated each class to go heavier than I did before.