Before joining CrossFit Central Vickie and Adam were both healthy and active, but were looking for an extra push. Now, CrossFit and CrossFit Central is a part of their daily lives. They push each other, push themselves, and have seen results. When Vickie started CrossFit she was able to back squat 55 lbs., now she back squats 135 lbs.! Adam’s back squat went from 210 lbs. to 285 lbs. and he has increased his Fight Gone Bad reps by about 75 reps. We got this husband-wife team together for a Q & A, scroll down to read their story.

Q: Why did you each join CrossFit Central?

[Adam] I was bored with my former workout routines. I used to run 4 miles 2 -3 times per week, and work out with a personal trainer twice per week. I certainly didn’t hate my old workout, but it wasn’t challenging. I was just going through the motions and I was not seeing any meaningful results. I was stagnant – not getting stronger, not improving in body composition, not improving in endurance. I came to CrossFit Central because I was ready to challenge myself physically and mentally. I wanted something that was more like the competitive sports I used to play when I was younger.

[Vickie] I had done a CrossFit boot camp a few years ago. When my coach, whom I adored (Crystal McReynolds), moved on, I quit. I did different workouts and boot camps the last few years and I’ve always been a runner, but I was looking for something more challenging. Adam had started CrossFit Central in May and he convinced me to try it, so I started the following August.

Q: What results have you seen since joining the CrossFit Central community?

[Vickie] I started in August 2014 with Zachary Thiel. I’m not going to lie, I cried after the first few classes and seriously thought about quitting. I didn’t think I could ever get the hang of the barbell movements. I had to use the 25 pound red bar! But I really liked Zach, so I kept going and started seeing improvement and results. It became a challenge which motivated me. I started looking forward to class: the workouts, the people, and of course, Zach. It was a huge accomplishment for me the first time I completed a workout at RX weight!

[Adam] I started at CrossFit Central in May 2014 and initially I had this attitude where I would just try to participate and get through the workouts. After about nine months, a switch flipped. My CrossFit coach, Zach, pulled me aside and gave me an extended lecture about how “dad bod” was unacceptable and that I needed to strive for more. From then on, I have tried to do all of the workouts RX (except for the gymnastics workouts, which I’m absolutely terrible at) and tried to push through more often. As a result, I’ve found that that I really enjoy the classes much more than I used to. Now, there’s a healthy competitive component to the workouts, whether I’m challenging myself to perform better than I did a few months before or I’m trying to get a particular score. That additional pushing has improved both my strength and endurance.


Q: Has CrossFit Central helped you break through any mental barriers?

[Vickie] Definitely! I have always liked a challenge, but CrossFit has taken me far beyond where I thought I could go. I used to think of myself as a runner, but never an athlete, but CrossFit changed that. I can clean and jerk with the best of them!

[Adam] CrossFit Central has absolutely helped me break through mental barriers. My first few months at CrossFit Central, if it got tough (and it always does) I would just back off the workout. Now, when it gets tough, I try to fight through it, take it personally, and see if I can push myself harder. I’m certainly not where I want to be mentally, but I’m starting to understand that there is a mental side to the CrossFit Central workouts.

Q: How has pushing yourself and challenging yourself in your daily workouts translated to your career, your family, life, and relationships?

[Adam] We talk about CrossFit everyday! We are more confident and self assured after starting CrossFit. People still tell me, “Oh, CrossFit scares me.” I just say it scared me too, but I fought through the scary and intimidating parts and I’m better for it!