I have consistently been training with Relentless for the past year. I started years ago in 2009 and saw great success, but then took some time off and lost my confidence and gained weight. I slowly made my way back to boot camp, but struggled with consistently attending twice a week. I had to work my way back up to a 25lb kettlebell, and I was usually the last one to finish the workout, which was very humbling, but I didn’t quit and now I’m so thankful because of the great results I’ve seen.

Boot camp has given me a newfound sense of confidence that I never knew was possible. I also never thought I’d wake up at 5am excited to start my day with a morning boot camp or leave work excited to end my day with an evening boot camp. Pushing myself in my workouts and tackling challenging movements gives me the energy and confidence I need to tackle a challenging day. I’m ready for whatever may come my way. I also discovered how passionate I am about fitness and nutrition and my goal this new year is to start taking courses to expand my knowledge so that one day I can help others find the success I’ve found. I struggled with food my entire life, but through the nutritional support boot camp offers, I’ve learned how to meal prep, how to find balance in my meal choices, and how to listen to my body and eliminate foods that are harmful.

Since last February, I’ve lost 15 pounds and gone down 2 pant sizes! I can now shop in the medium/small sections of stores which was never possible before and I feel comfortable and confident wearing fitted jeans and dresses.


The 3 keys to my success have been the following:

  • Meal Prep Monday

  • Increasing my workouts

  • Cleansing once to twice a year to reset my body

  • Competing in local 5Ks or a team event

  • My new found confidence in my workouts, my career, my dating life, and my personal life; looking lean in my clothes, and seeing drastic improvements in my boot camp benchmarks are all the changes that have taken place over the past year.

My advice to each of you out there is to never stop pushing yourself. I believe you must find balance. Allowing myself to enjoy some of my favorite foods and drinks on the weekends has been such a vital key to my success; work hard; play hard, baby. Lastly, my amazing coaches and nutrition gurus (Megan, Lucy, Richie and Lynnsey); I couldn’t have done it without you all. You’ve truly transformed my life.