In March of 2014 my sister, Niki Prekas, convinced me to try CrossFit Central and introduced me to Big Mike at CC Downtown. She spoke very highly of CrossFit Central and Big Mike as she used to train there with him. I can still remember what Mike said to me when I first met him, he said “You’re sister told me all about you and I am glad you’re here.” I was so nervous being what the BMI calculator would call obese, I thought that someone like me isn’t cut out for CrossFit. Boy…I was wrong. I never thought I was capable of any of this. Without Big Mike and the rest of Central’s outstanding coaches….I don’t think I would have succeeded as much as I have.

My life prior to CrossFit Central consisted of unhealthy eating and a mostly sedentary lifestyle. I had anxiety about my health and knew I had to do something. There was always those thoughts running through the back of my mind. I felt like I was helpless and needed someone or something to save me. I’ve tried numerous diets and fitness clubs but none of it worked. I guess with all the weight loss stories I’ve seen online and TV, I just wanted instant gratification. I was looking to get skinny. Now…I want to be strong and athletic.

Michelle lost 50 lbs. and 70 inches


Since I joined CrossFit Central in March 2014, I’ve lost almost 50 lbs. and 70 inches. I can run a mile without stopping, keep up with everyone in class, and sometimes…I’m not the last one to finish! I take the small victories as they come. I’ve excelled in weight lifting. Right now my deadlift is 320 lbs., back squat is 275 lbs., front squat 210 lbs., and my clean is 155 lbs.

I used to have anxiety in the beginning about being last or not being able to finish the work out but I found out that the last one to finish get the loudest cheers! This is what helped me to keep going. I’ve had to dig deep down inside myself to the darkest parts to keep going on some workouts. It really becomes such an emotional experience for me. I’ve cried many times in class but never thought once about quitting because I now know what I am capable of. It’s been an emotional roller coasted for sure.

I have new found of confidence that I never had before and that confidence has definitely played through my personal and work life. I meal prep breakfast/lunch every Sunday for my husband and I. This as allowed me to stay on track while working full time. Clean eating and exercise is a powerful combination, so do it together consistently will produce results. I get a lot of great feedback from many people who follow me online that I’ve inspired them to get serious about their health. When I hear that, it just fills my heart because I know how it feels to be overweight, unfit and unhealthy. We all have it in us to become better versions of ourselves, sometimes we need a little motivation.