I joined CrossFit because I had gained a lot of weight and felt really down, I was looking for a serious change. I had joined a different gym and wasn’t seeing any results, I felt discouraged and wasn’t confident in myself anymore.

Since joining I have lost 25 lbs. I feel so alive and confident, and I believe I can do anything thanks to the CrossFit Central coaches and other members in my class. Everyone is so welcoming and motivating. I never thought I was capable of lifting weights or even trying to do the workouts that were given in class. But now I can actually finish most of the workouts, that is something I’m still working on.

Braxton lost 25 lbs.


I’m extremely confident now, I’m crazy active now and I will now take any challenge on and do it with the best of my ability. I’m so happy now and I have to think CrossFit Central for big part of that.