I have been working out with personal trainers for several years, but was ready to try something new. I like the small class size at CrossFit Central, the friendly competition and always doing more than you thought you could physically do.

Growing up on a farm in rural East Texas, I learned how to work hard, to treat others with respect, and that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you set your mind to it. Those lessons have served me well in my career and in my time at CrossFit Central. After graduating from college early and spending a few years working on political campaigns, I got the opportunity to start my own political consulting and fundraising firm. It was a fit. At the start, I was young and inexperienced but I never let that deter me. I always believed that if people gave me a chance, I would exceed their expectations. Today, I have a statewide firm with over 12 employees and the opportunity to work with some of our nation’s best and brightest leaders.

I work hard at everything I do. I always try to set goals, reach them, and move on to new ones. In my experience, other workout training programs I tried seemed whimsical. The trainer may or may not show up, be late, or have issues. What I love about CrossFit Central is that the coaches are always there at 5:30 a.m. and they are as committed to giving a good workout as I am to getting one.

Since joining CrossFit Central, I’m stronger, leaner, mentally tougher and have a lot more endurance. The workouts help me mentally prepare for my day. For one hour, six days a week, I’m getting to do exactly what I want to do. All I have to focus on is getting through the workout and there is something purifying about that.

The people at CrossFit Central are really great and I have loved getting to know them. My husband has now joined CrossFit Central as well and loves it. We compete against each other, which adds another fun dynamic to the workouts!

In general, I’ve seen how exercise helps me clear my head. When I don’t workout, my mind feels like it’s filled with cobwebs. Even when I’m traveling and may not have much time, doing ten burpees in the morning helps. Getting some exercise, no matter what it is, makes the day better.