I joined CrossFit in 2011 because I was looking for something more “athletic” than going to the gym.  I missed sports, but knew that I couldn’t play the contact sports I played growing up because of the time commitment of my career and because of previous shoulder injuries.  I was immediately hooked on CrossFit because it reminded me of the conditioning part of those practices: you felt like you were going to throw up, but you felt accomplished when it was done.  My first workout was “Cindy” at the old RunTex Lake Austin in January 2011.


I played sports growing up and consistently went to the gym, but I was just going through the motions. I was 31 when I started CrossFit and saw results really early on with my scores and times. About six months in, my wife did a 30-day women’s challenge and we started eating Paleo. I felt way better and the results were pretty big. Ever since then, we generally eat Paleo. 

People might disagree but I don’t think I look that different. My clothes fit better at a size smaller, but I personally don’t really see it.  I care more about my times and weights and I’ve seen great results there.  As the years go by, the gains aren’t as big, but the process of trying to achieve a personal record and keep improving is the same.

Training with CrossFit has definitely forced me to be more comfortable with change. I’m competitive – I like to look at a workout beforehand and develop a strategy for attacking it. This can be a good thing, but CrossFit is also about being prepared for the unknown. When my coach, Big Mike, changes the workout, I don’t have time to think about it. I just have to go as hard as I can at the moment. It’s a great balance.

Gained endurance, strength and confidence.

I’ve also learned a lot about goal-setting through CrossFit. I’ve noticed that people often limit themselves before they begin, or they hide their goals because it’s easier to give up that way. I’ve become more willing to talk about my goals and less worried about how others will take them. When I’m really committed to something, I’ve started to write down my goals or to tell people. It provides that extra bit of motivation and accountability we all need sometimes.

The biggest impact of CrossFit has definitely been on our family. My wife and sister-in-law are both part of the CrossFit Central community and love it. I think we’re setting a great example for our son, Patrick, and our next child (that was born this December 2014). We’ve also made some really great friends through CrossFit. It’s hard not to be attracted to people who are passionate about helping others and about pushing themselves. It makes you step up your own game.