I joined CrossFit Central in the fall of 2012 because I was looking to get and feel strong after losing all my pregnancy weight. I wanted to try something new to shake up my fitness routine, but since I was so comfortable where I was, the idea of joining a new gym terrified me. I found CrossFit Central by a simple Google search and found that their Burnet Rd. location was a few block from my office. After visiting the gym I started Elements (their ‘on-boarding’ program) as soon as I could and have been in their TTH lunch class ever since.


There hasn’t been one period of my life that I have not been active. I grew up playing soccer, cheering, and fell in love with running while in college. As an adult, I’ve raced more triathlons and half marathons than I can count, and have enjoyed my fair share of mountain biking and skiing. I have been physically healthy, but my body is now stronger than ever! I can tell such a difference not only day-to-day activities but also with things I’ve done for years.

Just a few months into my CrossFit routine I found out I was pregnant again. When I told my coach I was pregnant she said, “That’s awesome; Congratulations! What band do you want to use for your pull-ups today?” I even CrossFitted all the way up until the due date and had a ‘textbook’ perfect delivery!

Even while I was pregnant, my body was becoming defined. Muscles were starting to show, so it was easy to be excited about coming back after I had the green light from my doctor. The past year since having my son, my body has really start to change. It has not happened without dedication and hard work, but most of all it has been fun! Being a part of the CrossFit Central community makes me excited to go to class and put forth the effort. I’m so motivated by my peers and all the coaches. I’m happier with my body than I ever have been and the best part is my mindset has completely changed from “I want to be thin and look good” to “let’s see what else this body can do!”

Since starting at CC my work and family life has changed significantly as well. I work in finance so I’ve always had to be ready for a mental challenge. I’ve found I’m no longer tired as I once was, since I CrossFit on my lunch break. Endorphins are as addicting to my mind as they are to my body! I also raise two children while working a full-time job. CrossFitting has helped me ‘escape’ and allow me some “ME-time”, before heading back to work and then being present with my kids afterwards!

One of my favorite things about CrossFit is it will always be challenging. The sky is the limit on goals you can set because once you learn a movement, then you work on perfecting it, and then you can add weight or move faster. You also feel better about yourself and begin to radiate confidence. Your relationships are better, you can handle stress more effectively, and you are patient with yourself and others. Without a doubt, CrossFit has made me a better wife, parent, and person.