I recently relocated to Austin for work and joined CrossFit because I wanted to challenge myself fitness-wise on a different level.  I first heard about CrossFit when I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 as many of my fellow sailors, soldiers, and airmen recommended the CrossFit approach to fitness in light of time constraints and limited long-distance running opportunities.  During my deployment, I learned a limited amount of workouts and lifts. Upon returning home, I returned to my traditional workout routine.  I guess you could say I was curious to learn more about what CrossFit offered and if I could obtain better results.


Before joining CrossFit, I would workout at a traditional gym 2 or 3 times a week combined with a long-distance run on the weekends.  Over the past few years I ran several 10ks, Half-Marathons, and Tough Mudders.  I formerly played Division I baseball at Rice University, and through my military career as a Naval reservist, I underwent boot camp and basic survival training.  Overall, I thought I was in good shape but I knew that I wasn’t reaching my potential in terms of overall strength, agility, and conditioning.  Further, I think many athletes in their late 30’s begin encountering mental barriers in terms of what they can accomplish and I felt that I succumbed to that paradigm as well. 

Now I realize that my diet was not supporting my potential since I was eating too many sugars, caffeine, and not nearly enough vegetables and hydration.  The Lean Turkey Challenge along with nutrition classes offered by CrossFit Central has truly redefined my notion of healthy intake of food, water, and minerals.

I initially weighed in at 192 pounds in August of this year, and 188 pounds at the beginning of Lean Turkey—I recorded a 20% body fat composition on both occasions.  At the end of the six week Lean Turkey, I weighed 175 pounds with a 17% body fat composition.  Outside of my boot camp training in the military, I have never encountered results like this in such a short period of time.


I have Big Mike, my coach at CrossFit Central (along with other coaches that I have ‘dropped in’ with), to thank as I have overcome a fair amount of previously conceived notions of what I could accomplish as an athlete—from handstand pushups to many of the olympic lifts. I am more confident in my abilities to attack new movements and challenges.  What is particularly exciting is that I feel that I am just scratching the surface in terms of what CrossFit has to offer in terms of challenges, movements, and dietary changes.

Lost 17 lbs and 4% body fat

Since starting CrossFit, I have noticed more efficiency and focus at work and can sustain long days of traveling more readily.  I credit my switch to CrossFit for some of my success in winning a state-wide campaign for Texas Land Commissioner as it continually would relieve stress and provide an outlet during the weeks and months leading up to election day.  Thankfully, I was able to achieve continuity in my workout patterns during the campaign because a ‘box’ was able to be found in virtually any part of Texas in addition to throughout the Country.  And, because of the efficiencies of CrossFit workouts, I am able to free up more time for family, friends, and work (if needed).

Almost 3 years ago, I founded St. Augustine Capital Partners  with a focus on helping oil and gas service companies grow their opportunity set—it has truly been a fascinating entrepreneurial journey with my partners and associates.  I will miss my day-to-day focus on business as I have always known my true calling is public service to others. To that end, I campaigned for Texas Land Commissioner and traveled to over 180 counties throughout the State discussing the important role of the General Land Office in its service to military veterans, schoolchildren, and small business owners.  I look forward to starting work at the General Land Office as Texas Land Commissioner in 2015 and continuing to attend CrossFit!