My entire life, I have always participated in some sort of sport or physical activity. I played soccer throughout my elementary, middle, and high school days and was also on the collegiate rowing team at The University of Texas. I have always been drawn to the discipline of daily practice, preparation, and team camaraderie. When I graduated college, I knew I needed the same discipline and started looking for something along the same lines. 

I was drawn to CrossFit after an ‘incident’ at a “regular” gym (24 Hour Fitness). A trainer at the gym told me not to slam the weights down when I was working on my deadlifts. This led me to look into CrossFit. I chose CrossFit Central because when I did a simple Yelp search it had the most number of reviews as well as the most highly rated reviews. So I made the call that day and had my tryout session with Coach Jeff McKinney. Because of my athletic background prior to CrossFit I would say I came in with a strong foundation emotionally and mentally, since I was used to long and difficult workouts. However, physically, I am stronger than I ever was prior to starting CrossFit – which was what I desired.

Became stronger, leaner and faster.

I have definitely experienced significant results since starting CrossFit. I have become bigger, faster,and stronger all while leaning out. My squat has increased from 365 lbs to 455+ lbs. My deadlift has increased from 465 lbs to 600 lbs. CrossFit has also introduced me to Olympic lifting which I can now say are some of my favorite lifts. This past month I have exceeded my clean + jerk, improving from 225 lbs to 315 lbs this past month.


I look forward to my 6PM Advanced Athlete class at CrossFit Central Burnet. It has challenged me everyday. I’ve realized that not every day is going to be a good training day and that enjoying the work you are putting in is creating a better mindset as well as a better body.