I joined CrossFit Central in the summer of 2011 because I was ready to gain back my fitness after a particularly difficult childbirth experience. I also watched my siblings (CrossFit Central owners and coaches Jeremy Thiel, Carey Kepler, Zachary Thiel, and Kelly Anderson) thrive as CrossFit athletes in health and fitness, personal development, as well as in the competitive arena. I was ready to make CrossFit Central my box.


I grew up on a farm and was always busy and active. I played high school and collegiate intramural sports, but I never saw the same results as I have at age 41. I am stronger, faster, and more agile at 41 than I was at 22. The journey wasn’t immediate. When I first started at CrossFit Central, I was still physically challenged from the delivery of my third child. I had separated my pelvis during delivery and couldn’t walk or stand by myself for two weeks postpartum and the back pain was very difficult to manage.

Lost 21% body fat, 20 lbs and placed second in Masters Division Lottery for The Fittest Games

Training at CrossFit Central has given me much more than the physical rewards (21% body fat lost and 20 lbs). My mental game has become more acute and emotionally, I can handle the “bumps in the road” with more finesse. Along with the gains in physical strength, confidence and self assurance are greatly increased as well, which equates to wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve also been able to unearth an inner strength that was waiting. CrossFit, being part of my journey, has helped give me back something I had given up: permission to care for myself – permission to care about my goals outside of family and work. At the gym, I can come first and be first. Allowing this time for myself has freed me up to be more present with my family and friends. Most of all, it has made me happy to be myself.