Prior to Relentless Boot Camp, I was not exercising regularly and I was tired. I was looking to get back in shape and be a part of a fun group, and then I found the ladies at Lake Pointe.


The class was challenging at first, but I made a commitment to myself after the first 3 months to go 3 times a week September through December. I did not miss a class and saw great results. I was the slowest in the class for a long time and soooo uncoordinated. But I made a commitment to myself.  That was 3 years ago, and I am still going strong. My body firmed up, I had more energy, and I was getting the groove of the workouts. Later on I added a more paleo diet and dropped inches very fast. My energy and motivation in everyday living improved, and I am simply happier now! I started class using a 15lb kettlebell and now I am at the RX weight (35lb) for women.

Lost over 20lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes.

I am simply happier now! I am also up to RX weight for women and I am 53! Thanks to the encouragement and competitive fun nature of my fellow friends in class and the coaches.