Why did you join CrossFit Central?

Tommy: In 2009 I won entry to Tony Blauer’s annual summer combatives camp, and the training was to include daily WODs and presentations by Greg Glassman and Brian Mackenzie, so I needed to familiarize myself with CrossFit. I knew Chris Gaussiran through teaching her kids martial arts, and had seen her transformation through Crossfit, so joining Central was an easy choice.

Blanche: I wanted more out of life than to continuously get fatter and fatter while I tried diet after diet that didn’t work, or exercise plan that would be successful and then plateau. I wanted to be able to keep up with my son and not have to ask him to stop so I could catch my breath. Most of all, I wanted to look and feel better about myself – there was a whole other person waiting to be let free!


What was your life like prior to CrossFit Central?

Blanche: I joined CrossFit Central 3 month after giving birth to our son, Bas. I was completely out of shape (240lbs!) and could barely run, let alone squat or lift anything heavier than a PVC. I was shy, and felt like I didn’t even know myself anymore – too many years of eating cupcakes and being overly self conscious had taken their toll. I felt socially awkward and kinda out of place no matter where I went.

Tommy: I was already a martial artist of 14 years, had used fitness & nutrition to overcome the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, and was considerably more fit than your average person. I was well on my way down a path of personal growth, and CrossFit was the perfect next step in that journey.

Blanche: Lost 90 lbs., went from a dress size 18-20 to a comfortable 6
Tommy:  25 Unbroken Kipping Pull-ups, Butterfly pull-ups, Muscle-ups, Handstand Push-up, Bodyweight Clean & Jerk


What results have you seen since joining the CrossFit Central community? 

Blanche: Things are like night and day. I am confident, able to walk in heels, and be active for hours on end. When I used to get exhausted walking up stairs, now I run up them without even getting out of breath. I can chase our (very) active son without any worry. Most of all, I feel like the “me” that I am perceived by the world is closer to the “me” that I want to be. I meet challenges face on, without fear, because I know that I will make it through. Crossfit as taught me to see challenges out to the end, and to work just as hard at the end, as I do at the beginning. CrossFit Central has taught me that anything is possible, all I have to do is accept the hard work ahead of me and take it one day at a time. When you look at a task and see a mountain before you, it can be overwhelming. Don’t get threatened, get challenged.

Tommy: Physically I’ve achieved so many goals and gained so many skills that I’ve lost track. Emotionally I have gained a “never quit” attitude that allows me to attack adversity, and mentally I’ve gained the ability to break down the seemingly insurmountable things in life into something I can handle, and when it’s time to just put my head down and work hard. I’ve learned that I can accomplish far more than my ego would have me believe.