I initially started Relentless Boot Camp through their Coporate Wellness Program with my employer, Statoil. I was 28 years old, a newlywed and just moving back to Austin. I wasn’t happy with my weight or fitness level but wasn’t sure how to really make a difference on my own. Growing up I have been active but never played team sports and didn’t consider myself an athlete.

I wanted to make a change in my life physically and enjoyed the opportunity to do it during work hours. Prior to boot camp, I was very happy, but disappointed in my physical appearance. I was at a high point emotionally and mentally as I just got married and started a new job. I knew I wanted to make some changes physically to be at my best.

Relentless Boot Camp challenged me from Day 1 and I started feeling stronger and more fit every week. I have been able to work up from a 15 lb kettlebell to a 35 lb kettlebell (lifting heavier will not bulk you up girls!) Since joining Relentless, I have gained confidence and am a happier person in my day to day life. I see myself as an athlete. I love to challenge myself physically and truly enjoy working out. Since joining boot camp, I have ran several 5K races, won my age division several times, and competed in a couple CrossFit Central competitions. Emotionally, my new confidence and love for myself has helped my life feel more complete. Relentless has helped me think of myself as an athlete. I have never had that feeling before but now truly see myself that way. After working so hard on my physical goals, my husband and I were ecstatic when I became pregnant in August of this year (picture with the kettlebell is at 5 months pregnant).

Lost 25 lbs., 120 inches, 11% body fat and 2 dress sizes.