I started Relentless Boot Camp about three years ago. It was the first time I had a purposeful, scheduled exercise program since high school, and I didn’t really want to go (my girlfriend won a gift certificate). I do like to run, but my running was without direction or goals. For years, I ran for six or seven months, every single day. I would get a little faster and be able to go a little further, then I would get worn out, take a few months off, and almost be back where I started. Originally, I was going to give boot camp about 3 months to see if I liked it and to get a jump-start for starting to run again. I was about 245 pounds.

After three years I am ready to admit that the “trial period” is over and the “Kool-aide period” is in full effect. I love this stuff! I love the time and place. I love my coach and other coaches. I love my new friends, the support I get, and I love what it has done for me in many different areas of my life. My conditioning, training, and diet is more deliberate and goal oriented.

Even my running is purposeful thanks to my coach, Megan Parsons. I’m a Showout kid. I like what I’m doing, and I am going to keep on doin’ it!! Two years ago I was down to 225 lbs, then to 210 lbs last year, and now 190 lbs. Two years ago I ran a timed mile at max effort at 8:20; this past July I did it in 6:20.

Lost over 20 lbs., 13 inches and 8.5% body fat.
Improved mile time by 2 minutes and has gone from swinging a 25lb kettlebell to a 55lb.