I’m more focused, rested, and healthy than I can ever remember. That’s saying a lot for a guy with newborn twins!

I joined CrossFit Central because I was ready for a change in my monotonous workout routine. For years I’d been lifting at various gyms, with no real motivation, and certainly no holistic approach to my physical wellbeing (diet, nutrition, etc.). I’d also been running for improved endurance, but it was becoming too routine – read boring. I needed a fresh start and knew through my brother and sister-in-law that this was the next step.

Physically I thought I was in a pretty good place (I wasn’t). My goal was to get really lean, and stay there. My misunderstanding was the difference between being ‘fit / lean’ and being ‘in shape’. Mentally I was tired. Tired from work, which led to feeling tired about working out – especially running the same three or four mile loop around Town Lake. I feel balanced in my lifting and endurance, which isn’t something I’ve previously strived for. Emotionally and mentally I’m relaxed. At the risk of sounding cliché, or like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid… I am drinking the Kool-Aid… CrossFit allows me to burn off the stress and anxiety that comes with my day-to-day. 


I lost 20 pounds and over 15% body fat!

Every workout is a mental barrier for various reasons. Sometimes it’s about mobility, others the physical endurance to survive a 20 minute AMRAP. I’m constantly reminded that getting back to where you were in high school, or whenever you were in your best physical shape, is easy with dedication. CrossFit is about getting to where you’ve never been before.  I like that.