I had what I thought was an active, healthy lifestyle. I rode horses several times a week and worked out at the gym but there were no real results. My emotional and mental fitness actually declined as my disappointment grew with my lack of achievement. Even after training and running a ½ marathon, I still felt “soft” & out of shape. My diet was low-fat, and high carb consisting of grains, dairy, lean protein & some veggies, which I thought was on track.

I won a month’s worth of Relentless Boot Camp as a raffle prize at a charity event. I held onto the gift certificate for almost a year, but being at my heaviest & feeling pretty frustrated with my body, I was ready to try something different than the sporadic gym visits mixed with an occasional run at Town Lake.

Since joining Relentless Boot Camp my results have been amazing. My energy is consistent through the day, and I have never felt better. The physical changes have been dramatic, but the mental benefits were my biggest surprise. I feel like I can power through any challenge that comes my way during a workout or at anytime throughout my day.  I also feel a genuine sense of accomplishment as I am held accountable to my goals.  My diet is now primarily Paleo/Zone and is the foundation of it all.

I lost 26 pounds and dropped from a size 8 to a size 4

Every time I go into a class I feel I’m growing.  My mindset has changed from, “I can’t do this”, to“maybe I can survive a little more” and now, “I can & I love it!” I enjoy seeing how far I can push myself now and the boundaries being blown away. It keeps me moving forward, wanting to do good work because of the support and encouragement I get from my amazing Coach Megan Parsons, my partner Carrie McDonald, my supportive boyfriend, and the whole amazing group at O’Henry. Without the confidence and enjoyment I’ve gained from Relentless Boot Camp, I would have never also added CrossFit Indoor classes to my routine.