I have always been active- I run, play tennis, and have always enjoyed some sort of exercise in my life. However, as I approached my 50th birthday, I noticed a significant change in my body composition and metabolism. I’ve never been a small person and have always battled my weight. But it seemed that as I got older, it became harder and harder to keep the weight off.

I decided I was NOT going to be one of those people who gives up on activities because of age. I vowed to myself to get into the best shape of my life before my 50th birthday- I wanted to enter into this decade strong, proud, and fit. My friend at work told me about a free workout I could try with her friend, Coach Kat Grosshaupt. All it took was one class and I was hooked! I knew Relentless Boot Camp was what I needed in my life!

Prior to joining boot camp, my fitness routine was hit and miss. I ran every once in a while, played tennis a couple of times a week- nothing very challenging or strenuous. I have always worked outside the home and, with the demands of taking care of my husband and children, I would often put my needs last behind the needs of my family.

I now make fitness a priority. I commit to attending boot camp 3 times a week as well as run and/or play tennis with my friends. I have noticed more stamina in my tennis game and better recovery after long runs. I can keep up with the youngest bootcampers- including my 23-year old daughter, Hanna, who attends boot camp with me!

I am definitely in the best shape of my life and can achieve things I never thought possible. One of my proudest accomplishments is breaking through the “I can’t do that” barrier. I am stronger and healthier than I was in my 20s, and I am willing to try just about anything! Two years ago I couldn’t do 20 pushups. Now I have visible muscles!

I have dropped one pant size, lost 10 pounds and 8% bodyfat!


One of the best parts of being a Relentless Athlete has been competing in several Crossfit Competitions in the past year with my daughter as my partner. It has been a great way for us to stay connected as a family. Another big breakthrough was in my eating habits. While participating in the Trojan Challenge 2 years ago, I learned the benefits of the Paleo diet. Today I rarely eat gluten or dairy and try my best to stay away from sugar- my Achilles Heel! Our boot camp class is very close and we often do challenges together and keep each other accountable with our eating habits.

This fitness journey is about a lifestyle overhaul and the friends I have made. I want to be able to run around with my grandkids and be an inspiration to all women- you can do this no matter what your age. You have to just make the decision to start!