Before joining Relentless Boot Camp, I was at a point in my life when I profoundly needed to replenish myself: emotionally, physically and mentally.My energy levels were low and inconsistent. Utter neglect of my body was taking a toll on other aspects of my performance, but I didn’t realize the degree at the time.

Six months after joining boot camp, I’m at the best point in my entire life: physically, psychologically and spiritually. The holistic approach of working my body as an integrated part of my mind and psyche has been very successful. Beyond just working out, I’ve drunk the “Paleo/Zone Kool-Aid” and noticed vast improvements in just 2 weeks. I have zero desire for “cheat days” because having changed the way I fuel myself makes me feel so much better.

I’ve never been a physical competitor before, and I’m accustoming myself to pushing through even when I think I’m exhausted and to exert myself faster/stronger when I feel like I’m at a limit.  My mental image is a wall with a sealed gate that I’m muscling open and running through.

I am vastly stronger across every dimension in my life. I wake up (ridiculously early) energized and ready. I look forward to each Relentless workout and I’m very intentional about how my other activities contribute to my overall health.

I have lost 7 inches off my waist, 30 lbs, and I’m currently at 11.6% body fat