Jenny has reached a point of frustration with her weight.  She was an active teenager indulging in swimming and dance.  As an adult, she often started new exercise regimes and dropped them.


“I had no idea how to stay fit. I trained with friends for a few running races and sprint distance triathalons, and really enjoyed those times. But after a race I would get out of my routine and go back to sporadic boring runs and trips to the gym.”

Jenny craved community and accountability with her workouts.  She joined CrossFit Central with two friends and has never looked back.  Jenny took everything CrossFit to heart, the workouts, the nutrition and the community.  Within the first two months she lost 16 pounds!  Once she made the decision to embrace CrossFit, there was no way to slow her down.

“I can lift more and run faster than I ever thought I could, and it feels great. The most important change is inside. I am comfortable in my skin, knowing I can depend on my body to do all kinds of amazing things. I don’t feel as drained from my busy life as I did before, because I know I will take good care of myself first, eating yummy and truly nourishing food and playing at CrossFit.”

Jenny’s determined spirit has been fueled through CrossFit and taught her to fight through any uncomfortable situation.  She embraces each workout with a positive, focused attitude, fighting until the very last second. This is the same mental strength which allows her to conquer struggles in her career and with her family.  As a book dealer, Jenny is faced with carrying large, heavy boxes daily.  Her relentless pursuit of strength and PRs in the gym have made carrying books a minor task.

“I have watched my children in a new light since starting CrossFit. It is amazing how they seek out opportunities to push their physical limits, running as fast as they can, jumping as high as they can, and trying to pick up really heavy things. I think part of the reason I love CrossFit so much is that it connects me with that childlike part of myself. Pushing physical limits is a thrill.” 

Jenny lost 30 lbs, 22 inches & 7% body fat