Growing up Elliott was always active, taking on competitive sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.  In high school his focus turned to football, where he was first introduced to strength training.  This is when he fully committed to training and always bettering himself.

From a physical, mental, emotional standpoint, you never stay the same. Everyday, you either get better or you get worse.”

Elliott’s laser focus remained on staying in shape throughout his 20s.  He took on weight training, running, flag football and tried to master anything Men’s Health Magazine published.  He felt confident that he knew how to train; he knew his body and was doing the right things.  He was admittedly a fitness snob and did not want to join some class or have a trainer.

Elliott lost 4% body fat & gained 8 pounds of pure muscle mass

Elliott drove by CrossFit Central a few times and saw some “crazy” activities going on in the parking lot, he took notice.  After a little research, he decided to give it a try and was quickly humbled by the experience.  Suddenly, he found himself simply trying to make it through the daily WODs.  He was determined to stick with CrossFit until he could conquer the WODs.  He has since learned that regardless of your fitness level, CrossFit never gets easy.  Elliott’s true competitive spirit continues to be drawn to the mental and physical intensity of CrossFit.


“The humbling experience of my first few WODs was enough to push me to commit to CrossFit – no matter what your current fitness level or athletic background may be, you quickly realize that CrossFit athletes are on another level of fitness.”

Elliott drives his life with the belief that being disciplined in physical training translates to mental and emotional wellness.  In order to operate the best in any of those three paradigms, you have to pursue strength and balance in all three.  CrossFit is his vehicle to pursue an optimal level of performance in all three areas.

“The process of pushing yourself mentally to push through physical fatigue and weakness is a great mental exercise.  Getting up at 5:30AM to CrossFit is an opportunity to compete with myself before my workday even starts.  By 7AM, when most of my competition in the workforce is waking up, CrossFit has already given me the chance to push myself both mentally & physically at max effort – this gives me a serious edge throughout the day.”