I was amazed when I joined Elements to see that people could do 50 pull ups in a row…..normal people off the street!


Russ is not a lifelong competitive athlete. He has a history of lifting some weights but nothing consistent and no other real activity. When a close friend told him about CrossFit, his world was changed!  Russ was intrigued by the combination of movements and the intensity described. He needed some new motivation in his fitness routine and joined CrossFit Central ready to tackle the new goals.

After taking on CrossFit classes three times each week, Russ began to see significant advances in his strength and endurance. He was no longer bound to just lifting weights and ready to attack any type of workout and go hard! Russ found himself completely in love with the competition in each class and challenges that CrossFit brings.

Body Fat: 8%
Desired Super Power: Flight
Box: CrossFit Central


At age 41, Russ stays at 8% body fat and is the strongest and healthiest he has ever been. He seeks out physical activity rather than forcing himself through it. He is not only physically stronger, but mentally willing and ready to take on anything that comes his way. The specific goals set and achieved through CrossFit have given Russ a new sense of satisfaction and happiness in his life. Russ believes in his abilities to overcome obstacles and plans to put that to good use. He now hopes to compete in the CrossFit Games as a Master. In four years he will be in the right age bracket and will take on the greatest competition of his life.

Performing at his best, at 8% body fat.