“A commitment to excellence in business and increasing quality of life is for everyone he encounters is a signature trait of a leader . “ Jeremy Thiel is focused on challenging himself and those around him to consistent excellence. Blessed with the heart of an athlete, mind of a leader and an entrepreneurial spirit Jeremy is not only effective in his approach to business but also extremely gifted in motivating people to achieve their own goals. His intense drive and dedication to succeed in the life has laid the foundation for his innovative approach to leadership.

In 2005 Jeremy was introduced to the sport of CrossFit his good friend and Marine, Lance Cantu. Immediately, he knew he had discovered the path he had been seeking since he first started training. This was not just a game he was going to play, but something he was going take part in that would effect positive change on a large scale. Naturally he dove in head first.

Motivated by results, Jeremy felt the best way to learn was through action. Action, hard work, dedication, and discipline were the tools he utilized to take $500 and build a million dollar garage gym facility, CrossFit Central, in less than three years. He built from the ground up. In 2005 Jeremy along with his sister Carey started by running boot camps in parks all around Austin. He worked from his one bedroom apartment day in and day out blogging, emailing and programming; strong relationships sprouted out of his emphasis on the importance of being heavily involved in the Austin fitness community. Jeremy laid the foundation for his future by hiring a strong team; coupling his drive with people who were passionate about CrossFit and dedicated to the company’s vision.

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