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Claudia was tired of running long distances.  After years of running in the winter and cycling in the spring, she was bored and ready for something different.  She had seen the activity at CrossFit Central but was unsure about joining.  When she found out a friend was doing CrossFit and was in the best shape of her life, Claudia’s competitive nature kicked in and she was sold.  She quickly joined CrossFit Central to see what it was all about.

Although intially a bit intimidated by Coach Zach Thiel, Claudia quickly fell in love with the CrossFit method of training.  The workouts are now fun and the intensity allows her to relieve stress.  After two years of dedication to CrossFit, Claudia is stronger and more capable as an ahtlete than ever before.

“CrossFitting has made me stronger and better able to participate in other activities without having to train hard in those specific activities or sports.  It’s also changed the sports I spend my time training in.  Before CrossFit I would not have ever have imagined I would enjoy olympic weightlifting and despise long-distance running.”

Physically Claudia continues to conquer CrossFit WODs.  She is stronger than she ever imagined possible.  However, her dedication and drive for more has not stopped.  Claudia is now taking on Oly Lifting continue to further her strength gains.  She has trained her mind to embrace short, intense spurts of physical strain.  In turn, emotionally, she is no longer bored with her workouts.  Claudia approaches each WOD with a positive, fun attitude.


“I am more calm and content emotionally!”

Like many athletes who take on CrossFit, Claudia has completely changed her wordrobe and of course her show collection.  She has moved from bouncy, running shoes to coveting her pink and grey oly shoes.

Claudia lost 8% body fat & gained 10 pounds of pure muscle. 

Claudia is more comfortable in her body than ever, a true testmant to strong being beautiful!